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Mustafa Olkun

Android Developer

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About Me

  • I have been interesting with software development since I made the computer write my name on screen when I was at High School.
  • Altough I started to develop software with C language, The world of open source impressed me more and I started to develop in PHP.
  • As an Android lover, I have been interesting with Android technologies for 4 years.
  • When I start to develop an application, I build my plan suitable for SOLID software principles.
  • I am also a fanatic to Test Drive Development.
  • I use JUnit for Unit tests and Robotium for Integration tests in the software development process.
  • I take advantage of Testdroid Cloud System for Integration tests on the various different size and model devices.
  • I am also interesting with Microsoft Azure and I completed one of my app(Pepapp) on Azure mobile services.
  • I believe the power of Agile Development in the Software development process.
  • Usually, I love to work, to think and most importantly part is I love to produce new products relevant my job. Actually developing is not my job, developing in my life.

Work Experience

Pepap - Digital Women Assistant

Basefy (04.2016 - 09.2016)

Whatever you want to sell, take a photo, text product's name and price that's it! It is saled at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. That is Basefy!

You can start to package your products that you sold. Because money of product even came to the pool of already payU safely. After buyer give approval the product, your money is at your account instantly. Great!

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Pepap - Digital Women Assistant

Pepapp - Digital Women Assistant (02.2014 - 04.2016)

Pepapp tracks menstruation periods, gives information about ovulation periods, cheers you with entertaining recommendations.

Pepapp shoulders the duty of being an assistant of the women by indicating ovulation dates, menstruation periods and high possibility of becoming pregnant. Having a simple usage, Pepapp makes the women smile with its entertaining notifications in such difficult periods. It also aims at becoming an indispensable friend for the women.

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Medya şef

Medya Şef (2012 - 02.2014)

To develop and maintenance Android applications according to TDD principles.
To work with Design team in order to made eligible interfaces for Android users.
To build software architecture and to check Unit and Integration tests for IOS devices.
To build suiable software architecture for Company based web projects according to briefs to project managements.

Other Projects

Project Name : TJOD Mobil App

Type : Android - IOS Mobil App

Duty : Android Developer

Description : It is prepared for Turkish Gynaecology Association.

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Project Name : Bülent Tiras App

Type : Android - IOS Mobil App

Responsible : Android Developer

Description : It is prepared for Prof. Dr. Bülent Tıras who is a one of most famous gynaecology in Turkey.

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Project Name : GNC ile Rihanna

Type : Facebook App

Duty : Php Developer

Techs & Libraries : Php, Facebook SDK

Description : It was a tournament that is asked to users prepared about GNC products and famous athletes. Free Rihanna concert ticket was given 5 users who answered the questions in shortest time.

Project Name : Aşk iksiri ( Love Elixir )

Type : Facebook App

Duty: Php Developer

Techs & Libraries : Php, Facebook SDK

Description : Aşk iksiri was a Facebook project that is made for Valentine. After users connected to app with their Facebook accounts, Aşk iksiri selected the right person according to account owner's personal characteristic. The app is used about 1230 person and 237 person to send message to 310 person.

Detailed : Aşk İksiri Behance

Project Name : Yeditepe University Hospital

Type : Web App

Duty : Lead Developer

VCS : Git & Github

Techs & Libraries : Php, Codeigniter, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery

Description : Yeditepe University Hospital offical web project. This project is made on Codeigniter architecture according to customer brief.

URL : Yeditepe University Hospital